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Partnering with Nature: Regenerative Agriculture to Fight Global Warming (While Parenting One's Children)

Kent Fairfield | Pennsylvania, United States


Regenerative agriculture grows out of a holistic philosophy and lifestyle that considers all living things, conservation of resources, and fairness to everyone, from farm workers to consumers. Experts agree that organic farming not only slashes emissions of greenhouse gases but employs a more natural and holistic approach that rehabilitates, or “regenerates,” degraded soil. Compared to conventional methods – and in the wake of recent devastating weather and wildfires – it’s crucial that it also benefits stormwater runoff, output during drought, and the quality of air, ecosystems, animals, and humans. It grows food that is tastier and healthier.

This project pictures Salem Mountain Organic Vegetable Farm in South Canaan, Pennsylvania, which is pioneering regenerative farming, which has been called “farming as if the earth matters.” A radical difference from conventional agriculture is planting diverse crops and using organic fertilizers – animal manure and composted vegetable material – compared to synthetic fertilizers from fossil fuels plus toxic chemical pesticides. Consequently, not only does this provide more nutrients to the crops, but land use goes from being a net producer of greenhouse gases to a net absorber.

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