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The Cacophony of Engagement

Kathleen Dreier | Arizona, United States

Watching a 3-D painter create a work of art.

I'm fascinated with people-centered photography that illustrates the many activities we engage in as well as how we do or don't relate to each other during the course of a given shared situation. While these images are from distinct public events (and 2 private ones), they are bound together with the many ways human beings express themselves individually and collectively.

Each image you see in this collection is a world unto itself filled with visual details that tell part of a collective human story. The viewer's gaze is held in place in an effort to understand what is happening in the overarching event as well as its direct and indirect impact on the participants in the scene.

Web site: www.kathleendreier.com

Facebook: Kathleen Dreier or Kathleen Dreier Photography

Instagram: Kathleen Dreier

Cell: 520-245-6711

Email: kathleendreier93@gmail.com

Also:  LinkedIn, National Press Photographers Association

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