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Bus and Street Car Dreams

Kathleen Dreier | Tucson, Arizona, United States

Organization: Kathleen Dreier Photography

This image has become the overarching symbol of the project because of the
anonymity of the people boarding the bus reflecting that we are all part of this thing
called life.

This is an ongoing project in which I approach strangers at bus or street
car stops and ask them about their hopes and dreams for their future. Using public transit as a metaphor that we are “all traveling this life together”, this project illuminates how, no matter our race, gender, culture, or orientation, we are all far more a like than different and we all long for more in our lives. Hope moves us forward together.


Using public transit as a metaphor, Bus and Street Car Dreams has evolved into an ongoing project that serves several purposes:

1. It illustrates how our individual hopes and dreams connect all of us to each other. We all wish for more in our lives and we have so much  in common regardless of our background, culture, and race.

2. I now see my own reflection in each person I meet. Every one I speak to gives me a continuous reminder to follow my own dreams of being a full time documentary photographer. As they inspire me, I commit myself to inspire them.

3. As I meet these "strangers", the following dawned on me: It is so rare that we as human beings take the time to really see each other for who we are. The people I approach seem to genuinely enjoy being asked about what they think and feel. It has occurred to me more than once that I may be the only deep human connection that a person has on the day I spoke to them and took their portrait. I have come to view this work and this project as truly sacred.

Overall, what people want is largely based in humility. The overarching collective wish is meeting basic needs and helping others. This reality is humbling.


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