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When living is a protest

Karisha Hickman | United States

Bedstuy Flow 2016-04-28

When living is a protest is part of an on going series that chronicles the day to day lives of people in the African Diaspora; showing their culture, pride, dignity and individuality. Expanding the narrative and reclaiming identity of a people so often mis-represented in todays media. Producing this positive imagery offers an alternate view and works to uplift the community while showing their humanity.

Documentary Photographer Karisha (Kay) Hickman chronicles the culture of the African Diaspora. Contributing work that will expand the narrative and show the identities of a people challenging monolithic representations. Reclaiming identity, is self affirming and empowering. It motivates her to continuously create work that inspires, evokes thought and documents history. Photography is a medium that has the power to capture a fraction of time that, in context, can never be recreated.

Karisha Hickman

Cell: (646) 734-6994

Email: Kay@khickmanphotography.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/khickmanphotography

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