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... still dreaming. [homage to the ancestors]

Kameron Smith | United States

untitled. Washington D.C.

"... still dreaming."


After months of protest and demonstrataions, the culmiating event was the massive march in Washington D.C. These protest, not unlike those in the civil rights fight of the 1950/60s, were against the same systems that perpetuate violence against POC and allow police brutality to go unchecked. Part homage and part documentary series, I sought to capture the essence of the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington. With the intent to tribute the photojournalist and photographers of the 1950/60s I made these photographs on black-and-white film (both 35mm and 120 medium format). 

Website: https://kameronsmith.art

Instagram: @BlindEyedFool

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