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Flood Victims

Jubair Ahmed Arnob | Bangladesh

The flood of 2020 was quite outrageous compared to the previous ones. Almost one-third of the entire country had to go through its destructive effect. This photo was taken from Manikganj where the homes went underwater due to the rise of the water level and the arable lands lost their existence. After losing all their asset and shelter, some of them started to stay on high roads, and some of them were in shelters.

Due to Geographical position and continuous climate change, people of low land areas of Bangladesh have to face floods every year, sometimes outrageous ones. Moreover, due to Covid-19 Pandemic, the whole world went through an economic crisis, and Bangladesh was not different from other counties. These additional crises made their situation even worse. People who helped in previous floods, some of them couldn’t help this time due to the outbreak. The Govt provided relief. Officials, but it wasn’t adequate at all. At that time a few volunteers came to the rescue, without thinking about their lives in this dangerous pandemic. They tried to reach the underprivileged people to fulfill their needs. It is Humanity, for which the world is still a beautiful place.

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