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Eat, Pray, and Love

Juan Galán | Italy

There is something about the Mediterranean cultures that has always fascinated me. There is a simplicity in the lifestyle, the enormous cultural diversity in their history, the optimism of their people, the enjoyment of contemplation, the family values and the closeness, the humanistic approach of their societies.

Eat, Pray and Love is the title of a movie, but in southern Italy seems to be emblematic of its cultural identity.

Eat a good plate of local cuisine, Pray on Sundays, and Love surrounded by romantic spots.

One might say that the Italians keep this territory a secret because of its authenticity. It ranges from the countryside to the sea, from the sandy beaches of the Ionian Sea to the rugged coast of the Adriatic, where the octopus is enjoyed raw and fresh fish is served without dressing.

This photo-essay addresses the core values of Italians. It is an approach of their life-style, traditions, social life, close relationships, etc. A set of values that shake your spirit to make you live in a passionate and human way, very distinguish within Mediterranean cultures, where luxury is the simplicity of everyday life.

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