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JUWAA Film Portraits Project

Juan Francisco Hernández | Belgium

Nganji Mutiri

This project by the French-Mexican photographer Juan Francisco Hernández, exhibits 28 portraits of six of the actors and the set photographer of the Belgian-Congolese film JUWAA, produced by Dancing Dog Productions and written and directed by Nganji Mutiri.

"Shot in Belgium and in Congo, JUWAA is a subtlety powerful drama based on African characters rarely seen on screens. Years after a traumatic night, a son and a mother slowly reveal all the layers redefining what they mean to each other". CINEUROPA



Photos by Juan Francisco Hernández. 

Portraits of the following actors, actresses and members or JUWAA's crew:

Nganji Mutiri (scriptwriter and director)

Malkia Mutiri (set photographer)

Lima Yaba Mbayoko (actress)

Francisco Luzemo (actor)

Benjamin Boutboul (actor)

Ady Batista (actress)

Senso Nzuzi (actor)


As a portrait photographer, I seek to find something in the faces, gestures, looks and postures of the people I photograph that speaks to me about the human experience. I am interested in the deep emotions, doubts, imperfections, depth, joys and pains that we all human beings go through. 

Portrait work is always a joint work. Each portrait is a challenge that allows me to explore a different way of looking at a person. I believe that every portrait a photographer takes is a double portrait, in the sense that it is a portrait of the subject in front of the camera lens and, at the same time, it is a self-portrait. Therefore, I see myself portrayed in each of the people I portray.

Instagram: @juan.fran_hernandez 

E-mail: juanju71@hotmail.com 

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