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Life Under Lockdown

Joshua Windsor | United Kingdom

Dave with his bicycle and helmet in Stockwell, London. With extra spare time and the government's daily-exercise allowance, Dave has taken the opportunity to go on long rides around wider London.

A series of portraits of local residents in my London neighbourhood captured during the COVID-19 lockdown. For many people, the experience of lockdown has prompted a renewed sense of community, as well as reflection on our values and priorities. This photo project was similarly conceived as a way to connect with others in my area, and to gauge how people express themselves, and where they turn, in a time of crisis. Participants were asked to come to their doorstep holding an item - of their choosing - that has been significant to them in coping during extended isolation. With normal work routines on hold, and often a surplus of free time, these items add an extra depth to the faces pictured, whether conveying a sense of hygiene, hobbies, exercise or entertainment.


Originally from New Zealand, I developed a passion for photography during a year-long trip to South America. Since then, I relocated to London and undertook a masters degree in philosophy (another passion) and now work full-time as a travel photographer. With travel currently hindered due to COVID-19, I have turned my lens to documenting the social impact of the pandemic and recent Black Lives Matter protests. 

Email: joshua.michael.windsor@gmail.com

Mobile: +44 7933157089

Instagram: @josh.michael.windsor

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