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Redeem the Dream

Jonathan French | United States.

Supreme won't even hire Black Clerks

The content of my works reflects on the fight for civil rights and equality in the United States for people of color.: a struggle which has been fought for generations. I have documented various events from the 90s to present that indicates little progress have been made. I use BW photography because this is a Black and White matter. This is something I have witnessed for years being born in the 50s and living through the struggles of 60s.I hope for those that view my work understand that it remains a struggle and may be difficult to find a solution and with the leadership of the last four years we have stepped back nor forward.



While most photographers "shoot pictures" He tries to describe impressions with his camera to approach his subject with a lasting feeling. Capturing the personality of the person or place, bringing harmony between the viewer and the photograph.

His photographs bring together the young, the old, the disadvantaged, and the advantaged, not to just freeze them in a frame but to give them life. It is his idea to have his photographs help in the understanding of the subject, in their environment and lifestyle. Jonathan believes that photography is where one can preserve history; educate the general public, be a forum for change.

Traveling through the African Diaspora has helped him produce an excellent collection of photographs of the African Families. Capturing them in their environment whether in the United States or foreign countries they all have a story to share with us. Through his photographs he shares these stories with the audience, keeping in mind a picture is worth a thousand words. Bringing African family together and keeping them together is the goal of his photography. As people view his photographs it is an education, and an introduction to a people with whom they share a kinship.

Being a self-taught photographer that he has taken the role of photo documenting very serious since 1996. Having travel to Afro-Latino communities in Central and South America and the Caribbean to photograph. He has traveled to Cuba and taught children the art and importance of photographing, especially in documenting their own communities

Mr. French retired leading research Library in the country the Library of Congress he has worked there for 30 years. He earned a Degree in Media Technology and work as a social work for four years after completing college. During his college years he was first introduced to photography as an elective. Taking one course he constantly read about and experimented with photography.

He reason project has been the teaching children photography in a fishing village in Colombia whose work will be exhibited at Vivid Solutions in July 2015. He has won numerous awards locally in photography. In the summer of 2010 who taught photography at Honfluer Gallery in Washington, DC. Prior to his teaching at the Gallery he mentored to up and coming photographers at Hamiltonian Gallery in 2008 also located in Washington, DC. In August of 2010 he participated in a photo workshop in Kampala, Uganda where as part of the workshop exhibited he works at the National Theater and the National Museum of Uganda.

He works has appeared in many of the local publications along with being published by the Smithsonian. He has written about national events and his travels to the South Pacific. He has also served as curators for shows nationally and internationally.

In 2014 was chosen as “East of the River Artist of the Year.”

In 2008 in recognition of his artistic ability and contribution to the community he was awarded the Distinguished Mayor’s Award of Washington as “Emerging Artist.”

In 2006 and 2008 the DC Commission on the Arts granted him a fellowship to continue his works in his varied areas.

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