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The fear is present

John T. Pedersen | Norway

Organization: Dagbladet

"I can't take it anymore"

Torbjørn Jønsberg (39) has been part of Oslo's drug scene since he was a teenager.
On the wall it is written: Jeg orker ikke mer ! (I can't take it anymore)



No one knows the source of the highly potent and life-threatening drug that has led to several overdoses. Nor is there anything Oslo's addicts can do to discover the substance.

The substance is called Protonitazen, a highly potent synthetic opioid - 300 times stronger than heroine.

Recently, at least two overdoses with the drug have been registered in Norway. In one of the cases, a 20-year-old man died.

There are currently no recorded overdoses with Protonitazen in the heavy drug environment in Oslo.
Just a few grains can amount to a fatal dose.

In June, the government was warned that this group of substances could become a problem.

The substance is difficult to detect, and there is little information about how it affects users.

There is little knowledge about the effects of the various substances in this group, when it comes to tolerance and how it is dosed in different ways of intake.

In addition to this, it is difficult for users to know what type of substance it is, or how much they are taking.

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