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Acid violence against women in Uganda

John T. Pedersen | Uganda

Those who survive attacks often have major injuries, both physically and mentally. Gloria her self fought hard not to fall into a deep depression, and to be able to return to society.

May 21, 2009 was Gloria Kankunda (38) subjected to an acid attack from an unknown «hitman» outside her home in Kampala.
After the first emergency treatment in her hometown, she was flown to, South Africa for further treatment. She stayed there for almost two years, before returning back to Uganda.

Acid is a effective and affordable way to inflict great harm and suffering on people. It is easily accessible and costs no more than 1 USD.

90 percent of the victims are women, and the attacks usually happen because a woman has either rejected a man, or wants out of the relationship.

Less than fifty percent of the attackers are identified, even fewer than this are brought to justice. Among these, only a few are actually convicted, and have to serve a prison sentence, and the authorities do little to bring the serious problem to life.

The attention from the authorities has come and gone. They do not respond in a coordinated way. Politicians and government officials do not care enough, because the topic feels distant from themselves.

Writer and jounalist Tommy Halvorsen.




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