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Homelessness Up Close

John Simpson | United States

Dinner Is Cereal: Brooke's dinner on a recent Sunday night was a box of cereal. "It's pretty like this every day," she said.

Homelessness in America is a growing crisis with little - if any - end in sight.  As number of factors - poverty, mental health issues, substance abuse, inflation, zoning laws, access to housing and protests about where homeless encampments appear - all contribute in one way or another to this crisis.  These images are meant to remind us that the homeless are human beings who deserve the same basic rights (shelter, running water, electricity, et cetera) as any other American.

Walking around the downtown area of Olympia, Washington in search of wall art for an article I wrote about it, I kept meeting homeless people.  Many said that they felt that they had been ignored by society. 

As a documentary photographer (and I am certainly not alone in this feeling), I thought that with and through my photography I can keep this issue in the public eye, that the homeless do not become just another item on society's list of things-to-do.


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