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Listening to Wall Art

John Simpson | Washington, United States

Justice for Timothy Green: While suffering a mental health crisis, Timothy Green was shot and killed by the police.

Reflections on Walls

Street art, graffiti or alley art (as I like to think of it) is just as valuable and telling to the public as are these 15 images that captured the art on the walls.

Ranging from cries for justice and expressions of loneliness to comedy and advertising, there is absolutely no difference between the person behind a camera and the person behind an aerosol paint can.

Both create art; both have a message; both require respect.

In another sense, the aerosol painted images created the words that informed this abstract.  The interplay of words and wall paintings that combine to send a message is what art is all about.

I get annoyed with the arguments that some photographers engage in concerning sensor size and frames per minute and the cost of their camera and the aperture of their lens and the ....

The person behind the camera makes the image; the camera is only a tool that helps the photographer capture what he or she sees or wants to create.  It is not the other way around.

I see alley art, street art, graffiti - whatever you want to call it - as art.  Perhaps not the kind of art that will hang in a gallery, but art nonetheless.  The reason I say this is because alley art (the majority of work here was done in alleys) speaks to the human condition.

It is raw, colorful, simple, profane, complex, socially aware and usually right in its messaging.  I also think it is an embodiment of free speech, you know, that 1st Amendment thing that some folks should be selectively used.

In other words, doing this self-assigned project fitted me perfectly.




John Simpson


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