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The Work of Conserving Chinook Salmon

John Simpson | United States

Bagging the Roe: Once the roe (eggs) have been removed, they are poured into a plastic bag and put on ice for fertilization at a later date.

The work of conserving while enhancing the Chinook salmon is of vital importance to nature, Native American tribal rights and those who enjoy fishing in Washington State.  To this end, I spent several hours with members of the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife at the Tumwater Falls Hatchery as they took 165 male and 165 female salmon in a spawing operation to preserve the species.

Nature is the nuanced  and balanced evolution of everything on which human existence depends.  Upset this balance enough - through pollution, indifference, population grown and/or climate change - and the consequences will be catastrophic.  To pay respect to those who understand and respect nature, this exhibit is a tip of the hat.

Contact Information:  jmsimpson1@gmail.com

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