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The West Bank - Israel/Palestine Checkpoints

Jimmy Spaceman | Israel, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Vietnam

A Palestinian Man at Westbank Check Point

In April 2017 I went to the Westbank with an organisation called Machsom Watch.

    Machsom Watch is a volunteer organisation of Israeli women who are peace activists. They oppose the Israeli occupation in the area known as the West Bank and oppose the appropriation of Palestinian land and denial of Palestinian human rights. They support the right of Palestinians to move freely in their land and oppose the checkpoints which severely restrict Palestinian daily life.

    Since 2001 they have been observing and reporting on the occupation. On a daily basis, they monitor the West Bank Checkpoints, the separation fences, the agricultural gates, the military courts and Palestinian villages.

    Machsom Watch has been accused of disrupting the work at the checkpoints and entering restricted areas without permission.

    In response to the group's contentions regarding the checkpoints, the IDF has implemented training procedures intended to ensure respectful behaviour by soldiers.

    On 2 November 2017, 2 members were robbed and nearly killed in a Palestinian village by a mob of Arabs pelting their vehicle with cinder blocks and stones before they were rescued by the IDF.

Jimmy Spaceman (Jimmy Mcbroom) is a social documentary Photographer from the UK. His projects have included capturing powerful images of Palestinians crossing Israeli Checkpoints in the Westbank and documenting life in Mumbai's Dhavari Slum India. His images have been used in the political Theatre play ”My Jerusalem” by Avital Raz, for the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity campaign and he has recently been featured on Broad Magazines Instagram page weekly special and a main feature on The Dummy Tale popular Blog/magazine. A daily street photographer documenting life and trying to make social change via Photography, Jimmy Spaceman is a brave and honest addition to the world of photojournalism. His photobook "Slum" is soon to be released.






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