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Slum - Misconceptions about Dharavi Slum

Jimmy Spaceman | India

Dharavi Worker 7

Dharavi is considered to be one of Asia's largest and most densely populated slums.

I Spent three months in Mumbai exploring Dharavi, meeting locals and learning about the industries within. I met some of the most inspirational and resourceful people there. I witnessed happiness and community, Hindus and Muslims living together in one of the poorest and most overpopulated areas of the world. There is a lot of misconceptions about Dharavi. The media portrays Dharavi residents as down and outs in films such as “Slumdog millionaire” and crappy Coldplay music videos. This is not what i experienced! I witnessed resourcefulness and community with limited resources. I was overwhelmed with the sense of community, ingenuity and resourcefulness. With issues such as only having running water for one hour per day, a lack of any sewer system, hazardous obstacles such as live electric cables around every corner of the tight mazes, I found Dharavi a warm Magical and welcoming place. Maybe an example of true Anarchy?

I asked myself what has the “Western world” lost or forgotten and what could it learn from Dharavi?

Jimmy Spaceman (Jimmy Mcbroom) is a social documentary Photographer from the UK. His projects have included capturing powerful images of Palestinians crossing Israeli Checkpoints in the Westbank and documenting life in Mumbai's Dharavi Slum India. His images have been used in the political Theatre play ”My Jerusalem” by Avital Raz, for the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity campaign and he has recently been featured on Broad Magazines Instagram page weekly special and a main feature on The Dummy Tale popular Blog/magazine. A daily street photographer documenting life and trying to make social change via Photography, Jimmy Spaceman is a brave and honest addition to the world of photojournalism. His photobook "Slum" is soon to be released





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