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On The Road: El Camino Real

Janet Boyko | CA, United States

The bell is the symbol of El Camino Real. Bells line the entire route from San Diego to Sonoma.

El Camino Real is a 600-mile road following a route connecting the 21 Spanish Missions in California. It begins in San Diego and ends in Sonoma, just north of the San Francisco Bay.


On the Road is a documentary exploration of the the stretch of El Camino Real that runs from just south of San Francisco to just west of San Jose through the heart of Silicon Valley. The road is a spine of connection running through neighborhoods of the working class as well as the mega-wealthy. Most people who live in this swath of the high tech center of the world use this road often for commuting, working, shopping, and for connection from place to place. On the Road explores this human environment and the juxtaposition of the ordinary and extraordinary that make this place unique.

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