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Ukraine's War Children

Jan Zychlinski | Ukraine

A kitchen in an overcrowded refugee flat in Kiev. 2014

For the past four years I went deeper and deeper into the question of refugees and IDPs (Internally displaced persons) from the conflicts after the breakdown of the Soviet Union. After visiting the South Caucasian countries Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan (including Nagorno Karabakh) I also went to Ukraine to witness the development of the  growing group of IDPs from Crimea and the East of the country (Donbas).

Starting in November 2014, I travelled around Ukraine eight times. I just came back from my last travel  at the end of June 2016. I saw a lot of places where these people are living and found them in very different situations. In newly built container settlements, in rented flats, old sanatoriums, kindergartens, worker dormitories, or some huts in the middle of nowhere. Amongst them I met a lot of children and young people. A war generation with so many different backgrounds, expectations and perspectives. Often the live far away from their homes, or in some cases they are born at the places where they live now.

You can travel the world as a tourist. You can travel the world as a scientist.

You can travel the world as a businessman.

You can travel the world in so many ways.

And you can travel the world as a photographer.



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