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A Breed Apart

Houck Medford | North Carolina, United States

"The Medivac Rig" - A mom's death and inheritance gave a chance for her daughter, Pat Land, to live a lifetime dream -- to establish an old folks home for horses. Pat’s old truck and trailer were a common site in and around Davie County, NC as she hauled any number of ailing horse to and from the vet clinic.

In 1998, Pat Land left a career in dance and theater to pursue her life-time dream.

Her dream became a reality when Pat lost her mom and her inheritance allowed her to purchase a farm of her own, shifting her aims from the glamour of the stage to the grit of the field.  Renamed in honor of her mother, Annie’s Farm, became an "old folks home for horses." 

Pat maintained her farm for 15 years until one snowy wintry day in Piedmont, N.C., when she complained to her husband of abdominal pain and physical weakness.

She was diagnosed with an abdominal aorta aneurysm rupture at the age of 59.  

Subsequent surgeries were never completely successful in controlling her hemorrhage status and she died of complications weeks later.

During the course of recovery and even though she did not regain her physical health, Pat did have a period of time when her compassionate and humorous self recovered to be enjoyed and appreciated once again by her close friends.

I am a Southern documentary film maker and photographer, a certificate program graduate of Duke University’s Center for DocumentaryStudies, and resident of North Carolina.

My heart is committed to that individual who deserves celebration for their contribution of unique personal talents and assets during their lifetime. I build community with my still photography and motion documentaries by showing how we are connected by remembrance and sharing. My documentation style is built around single poignant images threaded together by sound, narrative voice, and film. Each photograph is created to stand on it’s on to tell a story.

My images are distilled for presentation across theplatforms of physical gallery, website exhibition, book publication, and HD multimedia

 Website:  http://houckmedford.com


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