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The Wallflowers Of The City

HaleLee Seoyeon | NY, United States


The workers at Newsstands reminded me of my first job in NYC. I worked at Penn Station and I [would] remember people who passed that area every day when they didn’t even realize it. Newsstands are like the wallflowers of the city—a staple of snacks and periodicals—yet their existences are often ignored by those who are passing by. Thus I constructed a typological study that recorded the appearance and changes of newsstands; by looking within, [I noticed that while] their disposition is often shy and reserved, they do have the most interesting stories to tell.

  Born in the South Korea in 1992, HaleLee Seoyeon is a photographer and a filmmaker based in New
York City.

  HaleLee’s works are imbued with her childhood memories. Her works were photographed in New York City capture the sense of isolation. She has lived many different places in South Korea because of a childhood spent relocating due to her father’s profession. Her camera was the tool to remember her memories and places she had formed when she was young.

  In 2017, HaleLee has won awards such as first place winner of PDN portrait competition with “Exi[s]t” series, and PDN exposure award with “Glimmer In The Dust” series. She also won The Chelsea International Competition and she is one of the selected artists at Agora Gallery.Her “Reminiscence” series were reviewed by The School of Journalism. Several of her documentary series exhibited at LaGuardia North Gallery and Falchi building LIC.

  HaleLee is currently working on publishing a documentary magazine focus on Asian cultural issues taken by Asian photographers. Her goal is to make a platform for local Asian photographers. HaleLee is continuing her “Exi[s]t”, “Glimmer In The Dust” series and working on new series called “The Wallflowers Of The City.”

HaleLee Seoyeon



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