Members of the Combat Drones Brigade carry out a review of a drone.

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Flying on the front: Combat Drones Against Russia

Héctor Adolfo Quintanar Pérez | Kherson, Ukraine

On more than a couple of occasions, a brief hiss is heard nearby, accompanied by a thud and the noise of the explosion caused by the rocket launched from the other front, where the Russians are. None of those present are unfazed by the vibration of the windows and they carry on with their tasks as if the enemy were not only 3 kilometers from their position or as if the constant explosions of artillery entering and exiting were just background music in the daily routine of their lives.

They smoke excessively, joke loudly and some of them go out to make a call in some free time, but none of them take their eyes off a screen in the room that plays a live satellite video inside enemy territory, the reason: They are the in charge of attacking Russian positions from the air with drones adapted to combat. That screen is their battlefield and with those images they hunt their target.

Hector Ad Quintanar

Conflict Photographer

Hector AD Quintanar

Based in Mexico, covering all the world


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