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Rockets, bullets, boots and books... What did the Russian army leave behind after its withdrawal from Kharkov?

Héctor Adolfo Quintanar Pérez | Kharkov, Ukraine

A Ukrainian soldier checks a house that was occupied by Russian officers during the Occupation of the outskirts of Kharkiv

Since February 24 of this year, the Russian army began an invasion of Ukraine that to this day has resulted in thousands of victims and millions of displaced Ukrainians who have left their homes to find safety. One of the main sites besieged by Russian artillery was the city of Kharkiv, close to the Russian border, where for many days it suffered constant bombardment carried out from enemy lines occupied by the Russians within Ukrainian territory.

Since April and thanks to the Ukrainian defense, which fought with anti-aircraft weapons and the army on the ground, this territory was vacated by the Russian army, which withdrew from its position, leaving behind dozens of destroyed tanks, as well as clothing, books and hundreds of objects that demonstrate one of the first blows dealt to Putin's army, who did not expect such a strong defense.

Hector Adolfo Quintanar Perez

Mexican independent photojournalist

e mail: rangerquintanar@hotmail.com

celphone: +521 2281024409

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