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Pandemic in Focus

COVID- Quinceañera

Héctor Adolfo Quintanar Pérez | Veracruz, Mexico

Mia is made up by her sister Gabriela (18 years old) while Ana, her older sister, performs Home office, an activity that has normalized during quarantine

The quinceañera is a Mexican tradition where the growth of girls and their entrance into adult life is celebrated, where it is assumed that they can have growth as people and as women. It is a festival as colorful as it is controversial that includes the whole family and the parties can be huge. However, in COVID-19 times, it can't be celebrated this way. Mia Lunagómez, is a fifteen-year-old who could not have her party with her relatives, however her sisters arranged a photo session so that she could wear her dress and, which have been used by her two older sisters and the makeup they had prepared for the party which was canceled due to quarantine.

Héctor Quintanar Pérez



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