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The town beside the road

Héctor Adolfo Quintanar Pérez | Benishangul, Ethiopia

The female child population is at a great disadvantage over boys, because for cultural reasons, girls still lead a life away from economic or social benefits and do not even have much access to the population. According to some missionary testimonies, the suicide rate in girls is high


The Gumuz are an ethnic group that lives on the borders of Ethiopia and Sudan in the Benishangul district. This town has been lately attacked by government policies, who want to "moralize" and detach them from their cultural identity attached to millennia of nomadic tradition and away from modernity. In the past they were oppressed and sold as slaves to virtually everyone and so far they continue to suffer racism and discrimination because of their skin color, very dark, as well as their cultural identity. They currently live in small reserves that the government is appropriating for their industrial exploitation, gradually depriving them of their territory.

Héctor Adolfo Quintanar Pérez



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