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The Kingdom of Hawai'i

Greg Hatton | Oahu, Hawai'i, United States

You can find yourself in places you never thought possible on these islands. Beautiful and raw. A place that demands respect and admiration.

The Kingdom of Hawai'i is a glimpse into the life of locals on the island of Oahu through the years 2019-2022.
A raw look at some of the beautiful ways of living while equally looking at some of the harsh realities that face the state. And ultimately our nation in 2022.
Even in this paradise we see joy, life and the promise for tomorrow continue to exist despite being met head on with real despair and hardship caused by the effects of economic inequalities, colonization and increasing impacts of climate change. 

We need to see more of the world. More of what's in the world. More of who's in this world; with us.

I feel the most amazing thing about the camera is that it has, from it's incepetion, shown us to ourselves. Regardless of where we come from, cameras have shown us just how similar we are. Take away the clothes, cars, the excess and we see ourselves. We see ourselves laughing, working, crying and dying as we all do. Take percieved wealth, race, gender, religion, language or place on the map out of the equation and we see clearly how much we learn and exist the same way and need the same things in order to thrive during our time here.   

Greg Hatton



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