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Life for the market

Giorgi Dundua | Georgia


Some people's life is limited to a specific area of everyday life. Georgia is well known for its diversity of ethnic minorities. South Caucasian people are dominant in the country. They live mainly in a rural environment. Most of them are farmers or breeders. Georgia is not an economically strong country, so people living here often have to fight for self-sustaining. Local minorities life is not exception. Life for the market - that's the name of my photoseries. With this series I would like to emphasize the lifestyle of ethnic Azeri population in Georgia. In this photoseries is reflected local market. If you look at it better, you will understand that this is more than the market.This is the place where the exchange of opinions is going on.This is the place where people look at every corner of life. This is a place where the traditions, thoughts, and orientations of Azerbaijanis residing in Georgia are clearly visible. Within the scope of the series, there are the usual and interesting days that characterize their lives.

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