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Gianluca Uda | Brazil

An elderly lady, a guest of a retirement home near Rio de Janeiro, is suffering from a severe cognitive impairment. The situation has worsened since the son, pastor of an Evangelical church, decided to force her into the structure. The son used the mother's house to create his church.

ApocalypseSons is a long-term photographic project, made in Brazil. The project started in 2018 and ended in 2020. The goal of the work is to investigate the conditions of the communities / favelas and the religious sentiments of the groups most affected by discrimination, a story on the minimum of the minimum. The Bible is the most widely read and consulted book in Brazil, unfortunately, however, misinterpretations are attributed to it for the benefit of those who support it. Religious faith represents a refuge and comfort, which supports the lives and decisions of many Brazilians and this most influences the choices of the most disadvantaged classes. Every hour a new church is born in Brazil and especially in the most vulnerable areas, such as favelas and suburban neighborhoods, this instead of creating union and solidarity creates further division. Very often the difference between preaching and acting is enormous and today Brazil has many more marginalized people than some time ago. The elderly are losing the importance they have always had in the social and family fabric of their communities.

The belief in spirits is very strong in Brazil and comes from the old African cults brought to Brazil by slaves. Today then religious and cultural synchronism connects the two worlds, the biblical one and the African mystical one. John's apocalypse is often used by various churches or cults to create fear and reverence for God and the Bible. All this, very often, only serves to have an economic gain from the faithful and a submission to their own cult. Today, with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these speculations are gaining even more strength. Unfortunately, however, the real apocalypse is that millions of Brazilians live daily in areas where violence and poverty are the masters. The real children of the Apocalypse are all those people who have been left behind, men, women, the elderly and children who live with a fate already sadly marked. People who experience a feeling of perennial emotional and existential catastrophe, but who still believe in redemption despite everything.

Gianluca Uda was born in Rome in 1982. He knows photography as a child thanks to his father Francesco, this initial passion will be transformed into his current job. Gianluca has actively collaborated with various humanitarian associations, Italian and foreign, which have seen him collaborate in various parts of the world. He has lived for several years in Ecuador, Kenya, Brazil, Bangladesh and has always used the photographic medium to denounce and document the situations and stories that have been proposed to him. For Gianluca photography is a means of social denunciation. In 2019 he was among the winners of Closer and always in the same year one of his photographic works was presented in the Upper Room of the Chamber of Deputies. In 2014 he published a photographic book "Lamiere" a story in images of African slums. www.gianlucauda.com<>

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