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The Vanishing Island

Gabriele Sciotto | Italy


At a time where populism in Italy continues to grow, reaching its peak this year, the influx of refugees and the way they are handled has become a major and contentious issue.
Minors make up a big part of this influx and therefore the various issues that surround them.
9.250 unaccompanied minors have disappeared from reception centres, many are leaving the country looking for better opportunities elsewhere, others often get sucked into criminal activities. For all the remaining ones still in reception centres the future is uncertain, aggravated through a mixture of a lack of possibility and unhelpful legislation.
I have been carefully documenting the situation, paying particular attention to a care centre with a unique structure, the Boys' Town of Italy, where the welcomed kids are prepared for the future as part of an almost utopian society.

Boys Town Of Italy


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