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Call for Entries on Narrative Documentary Honorable Mention

Fashion Victims: Other people´s clothes

Florian Müller | Gujarat, India

Clothes make the man. But men and women who make the clothes for other people are often left behind. While India’s growing middle class is following latest trends, the greedy tiger is chewing its working class for the well being of its economic prosperity. Once Ahmedabad was known as the Manchester of the orient and still today the steam engines are running in the textile factories along the Sabarmati River bank. Mahatma Gandhi once founded his ashram here. He sat at his spinning wheel and spread his ideas of a nation of equality, tolerance and non-violence. Today Indian reality looks different.

Stories can be told about child slaves at cotton plantations, diseased workers in the textile mills as about people who are born to wash dirty clothes for the others. These stories are far away from fair-trade or the glamorous Bollywood.
 But India is changing. Indians say India is developing. But as long as corruption, bribery and greediness steer this development, only little of the economic prosperity will get where it is needed most. 

This story shows parts of the darker side of todays India´s economic success story. The deeper importance of this reportage and others on similar topics is to remind us on existing social grievances and connect them to our daily lifes. Globalization shrinks the world and we have to remember that we all are part of the situation as we are all buying and wearing clothes manufactured in countries like India, Bangladesh, Cambodia and many others. It´s time to start reconsidering our way of consumption: The real Fashion victims are the ones that are drudging under inhuman conditions for other people´s clothes! 


Florian Müller

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