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Feminist strike and protest, Paris, France (March 8, 2021)

Florence Gallez | France

Feminist strike and protest, Paris, France (March 8, 2021)

Tens of thousands of demonstrators took part in a nationwide ‘Feminist Strike’ on March 8 to mark International Women’s Day and to protest urgent issues facing women in France today.

Labor unions called women professionals in the health, education, and social sectors to go on strike on March 8 in order to denounce the gender pay gap and unequal treatment in the workplace; while in cities across France such as Paris, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Strasbourg, people protesting against the controversial pension reform marched alongside those fighting femicides, sexual abuse, and domestic violence.

In Paris, protesters wearing blue work uniforms and red headscarves to evoke Rosie the riveter, the image of the working woman during the Second World War, which has become a symbol for women’s working rights, marched from Port-Royal to Place de la République. They called for an end to discrimination based on gender, race, and LGTB identities; decent housing and public services; unconditional residence permit for migrant women, unlimited access to abortion; and more protections for women as essential workers during the Covid crisis.

Florence Gallez is an independent documentary photojournalist and black and white photographer from Brussels, Belgium, currently based in Paris. Gallez received a BA degree in English and Russian from the University of London in 1996, an MSc in journalism from Boston University in 1999, and a digital media focused MSc from MIT in 2012. She spent eight years as a Moscow-based journalist covering Russian politics, economics, society, and culture for The Moscow Times, the U.S. publisher Bureau of National Affairs (Bloomberg BNA), and most recently CNN’s Moscow Bureau. As a photographer of social documentaries, she seeks to bring more visibility to people who are in challenging situations and often not cared for by society, especially women and children. In Paris, she is also contributing local and international news and social documentaries to the French photo agency Wostok Press and Russian news agency Sputnik/Rossiya Segodnya.

Florence Gallez




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