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Environmental Disaster in Brumadinho

Flavia Mendes G. | Minas Gerais, Brazil

Veterinarians treating a dog. Dr. Danielle and Daniela.

The State of Minas Gerais in Brazil is once again a victim of the irresponsible actions of a large mining company, one of the largest in the world, Vale SA In the city of Brumadinho, there was a rupture of the dam at Córrego do Feijão mine on January 25, 2019, causing a wave of ore tailings, a toxic mud, destroying homes, plantations and contaminated part of the Paraopeba River, an affluent of the São Francisco River. Veterinarians take care of animals forgotten by their families who did not survive or could not return to their homes. Until May 27, 4 months after the tragedy, the number of confirmed people deaths is 244 and 26 people are missing. There is no information on the number of animals killed and the environmental damage resulting from the disaster.

I was born and live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, schooled in teacher for Primary School Education, Bachelor Degree in Accountancy and Post Graduate in finance. Left my career working for finance market to change my life looking for more purpose and dedicate myself to work with my old passion: photography,

I began my photography studies at Atelie da Imagem School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and thereupon decided to study landscape photography at New York’s renown International Center of Photography, in 2010.

I have improving my photography attending to workshops with national and international photographers, including the renowed British documentary photographer Olivia Arthur, from Magnum Agency.

In 2016 I studied Seeing Through Photography offered by MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art in New York at Coursera online plattform..

Ater 2 months of completing the Course I was invited to become a Mentor for this Course. I had a Mentor Training Course offered by Coursera Community and now I a very happy with this new challenge.

My documentary experience includes projects with various NGOs, including the Instituto da Criança and Minha Ajuda Sua Casa, which assisted victims of the 2011 tragedy in the mountain region of Rio de Janeiro,Brazil.

Also, I have been working with NGO,s for Animal Rights where I could document the work of NGO Santuário das Fadas, which photos have been used help to raise fund to the Sanctuary.

I also have documented the situation of the horses who have worked in the carruages and have received a bad treatment and exploitation. Those photos were importante to prove their situation in one of the Legal process to their freedom.

I also have experience in photojournalism, family´s documentaries photography, portraits, food photography,still and events.


See more of my work at flaviamendesphotography.tumblr.com

Contact me at: 


+55 (21) 98884-6460


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