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Bede Community of Bangladesh

Farida Alam | Bangladesh

Here, child marriages are a common phenomenon, in fact, the norm. Here, both the bride and groom are in their teens.

I have worked on "Bede" (Nomadic) community of Bangladesh for almost 5years. History says they used to travel from one place to another by boat and they used to earn their livelihood based on that. Nowadays due to change of socio-economic aspect and the decreasing river in our country they started settling down in makeshift temporary shelters they call home. While exploring their culture, I learned about many of their traditions which are different and unusual than ours. Also culturally they are different from any other ethnic group. Their way of handling pregnancy matters, newborn and overall reluctance to seek contemporary medical support sometimes left me speechless. They strongly believe in spiritual healers and their magical power. These extraordinary traditions of this community created immense interest in me to work on them. I enjoyed every single encounter with them and they never cease to surprise me.

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