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In and out of Isolation. A week back home.

Eric Miller | South Africa

Day one of Joshs' return home, A joint portrait/selfie of him and I facilitated by the glass door between us

In and out of Isolation. A week back home.

Our son spent 5+ years studying in the UK, and returned home to Cape Town in April. He immediately went into isolation quarantine in his room at home, and we engaged him mostly through glass or from 3m during that period, which particularly confused the family dog, Katarina. We had long conversations, ate meals ‘together’ counted the days till we were able to rejoin each others lives without glass partition or distance. And finally to hug. It was joyful, and fundamentally emotionally settling. It was as if a table had had one missing leg replaced and our family unit was in stable balance again. We are all working from home and establishing new routines to fit the changing ‘bubble’. The pictures are random moments during his isolation, the moment he emerged from his room into the house, and then simple moments working, relaxing at home alone and together, and re-establishing the family flow. The new bubble consists of :
Eric Miller, Laurine Platzky, Josh Platzky Miller

Eric Miller


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eric.miller.3110567/

Instagram: erixzapix

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