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Not really here, not really there

Eric Cortés | Worldwide, Germany

A woman holding a megaphone and shouting paroles against the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in front of the US Embassy in Berlin.

Who am I, what do I fight for: A visual reflection of the possibilities, limits and what it could mean for migrants to be part of social change, in their respective countries, from far away.

At least 300 protesters, waving Israeli flags, dancing to Israeli music and carrying signs with pro-democracy messages, during a rally against the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Berlin. 

Netanyahu, who was in the German capital for meetings with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, faces international criticism due to the new legal overhaul in the country. Critics warn that the changes proposed, by a “far-right religious government”, will weaken the supreme court and undermine democracy – Berlin March 2023

Colombian creative based in Berlin, working for editorial and commercial clients in the fields of visual communication, research & development. For many years helping brands, publishers and cross-functional teams, create campaigns and stories.

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