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EXODUS / Rohingya in Bangladesh

Erberto Zani | Bangladesh

Organization: Freelance

Bangladesh, Cox's Baxar, Palangkhali's area, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, October 2017
More than 15.000 Rohingya, after crossed border between Myanmar and Bangladesh, waiting their turn to receive food and medicine on small tongues of sand in the ricefields. After they will be send in a refugee camp.

Another genocide of our time, with many witness, but few concrete international actions to stop the violence. Rohingya's exodus goes on, under the indifference of the rest of the world. Rohingya are a Muslim minority living in north Rakhine region, a small state of Myanmar which lies along the border with Bangladesh. The darker skin of Rohingya, compared to most of the Burmese population has provide scope for racist attitudes and discrimination. Also religion is used by military of Myanmar to justify their aims. Religion and ethnicity are only part of what explains this forced displacement: Rohingya were denied citizenship of Myanmar by a law enacted by its military government, so reducing their status to that of a stateless group. Soldiers wants the complete control of entire country's land for new forms of economies, mining, timber, geothermal energy, with new foreign partnerships. Since october 2016, more than 900.000 people arrived in Bangladesh, crossing the border at rice fields of Palangkhali.


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