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Seeking Glory

Edward Boches | Massachusetts, United States

A fighter displays a knife scar from a gang fight when he was 11 years old, and a black eye from a recent bout. Boxing saved him from the gangs and drugs that took his father and other family members.

Fame, success, even self-respect can be elusive goals for many young men and women who grow up in the inner city. But the boxing gym, as it has for decades, promises a way up for some, a way out for others. It offers young boxers a home where they find support and community. It builds character. For many it's also the source of discipline needed to avoid the constant lure of gangs or drugs.

During 2017 I spent a lot of time in the gyms of the old mill towns north of Boston and attended numerous local amateur boxing matches. I got to know many of the boxers -- and the trainers committed to them --and found them to possess an inner strength as well as a physical one. It takes both to step into the ring. To put the body through the punishment boxing demands. To make the sacrifices needed to achieve a few moments of glory.

My intent with this project is to celebrate the strength and courage it takes to be a fighter.

Edward Boches is a Boston based photographer with an interest in documenting how people live, work and play. Recently, inspired by an economic and political climate that exaggerates our differences and emphasizes divisiveness, he finds himself drawn more and more to the places and activities that bring people together, whether that be urban skate parks, the front porches that line city side streets, or the communities that develop around urban boxing gyms.

Boches has exhibited at the Griffin Museum of Photography and at the Providence Center for Photographic Arts. His work has appeared in The Boston Globe, The Lowell Sun, online at WBUR.org and on other sites in support of the arts. Future exhibits include Griffin@SoWa Gallery in spring 2018 and the Brewster Ladies Library in the summer of 2018.

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