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October 2 is not forgotten (2 de octubre no se olvida)

Eduardo Varela Echavarría | Ciudad de México, Mexico

A protester recreates the crucifixion on the flagpole of the Zocalo flag of Mexico City as a demonstration of the student's murder in 1968.

Every year Mexico remembers the killing of students on October 2, 1968.

Thousands of protesters march from the Plaza of the 3 cultures in Tlatelolco, the place where the massacre occurred, to the Zocalo of Mexico City, in front of the National Palace.

That day, October 2, 1968, after months of demonstrations and disagreements of students of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, The National Polytechnic Institute, The Autonomous University Chapingo, La Salle University, The Ibero-American University, The National School of Anthropology and History, El Colegio de México among others, supported by a large sector of the people, workers, intellectuals, teachers and peasants, among many other community groups and from several states, the government to Gustavo Díaz Ordaz's charge decided to stop the movement in a criminal way.

The central request was democracy and to end the authoritarianism of a hegemonic political party, the PRI.

He took advantage of a rally of the students that took place in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, to launch the Army and clash groups. Many died that day. Many were arrested, tortured and disappeared.


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