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WhiteBlack Kids

Diego Stellino | Tanzania, United Republic of


"WhiteBlack Kids" is an insight into the life of albino children struggling to simply be children.Being born with white skin in a country like Tanzania can be a serious problem. This is the sad fate of albino children, who are regarded as the victims of misfortune to the point of being discriminated against, tortured and, at worst, killed. But there is more, because being born an albino in Africa means compromising the life and condition of hundreds of mothers accused of adultery and for this reason abandoned by husbands and denied by family and community.
owever, something is changing.
in Tanzania the law now protects albinos.This requires a change of mentality,
But we needed a law not to kill children: a not easy path, especially in rural areas.
It took a law to say that killing people is wrong...


Diego Stellino - Italy (EU)




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