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Black & Dangerous

Deja Nycole | United States

Ed Ross, 21, Accokeek, Maryland

“Black & Dangerous” is a collaborative project utilizing poetry, portraiture, and reportage to redefine the way Black people are perceived because of stereotypes. Through various visual and audible mediums, Black folk share their individual experiences, beliefs, and feelings of what it means to be Black & Dangerous, both to society and as redefined to themselves. This project aims to shift the negative narratives society has placed on the Black community and give control back to the individual. Black & Dangerous is giving Black folk the power to reclaim their voice and see the positive contributions they provide to society because of who they are at their core. Black & Dangerous is a celebration of individuality within the Black community while observing the emotional and mental cycles these stereotypes contribute to.

I have a strong desire to create art because I am art. Art is the purest form of rebellion.I best express myself through movement, photography and poetry. It is having the power to validate our own realities while promoting conversation for change. I encourage rebellion because it is a sign that there is injustice and we must always promote freedom and justice for all. I strive to document the history of humanity– forever dedicated to the empowerment of the African Diaspora, and minorities everywhere. I capture moments and write in an effort to show people’s realities while empowering each other to make a difference across our global communities. As a minority who grew up feeling like her voice held little weight, I am charged with highlighting the experiences of those whose voices go unheard and lives unseen. I hope through extensive research, collaboration, and creative media, I am able to expose these unique narratives in an effort to add to the history of humanity.

Main portfolio: https://www.dejanycole.com

Instagram: @thedejanycole

Email: thedejanycole@gmail.com

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