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Climate-Change Activists: A Modern Tribe of England

David Wright | London, United Kingdom

Arrested: This photograph shows a woman being arrested during the 2019 autumn climate change rebellion in London. It was taken in Whitehall. A group of Extinction Rebellion protestors had glued themselves together at the junction into Parliament Square causing the traffic to come to a standstill for most of the day. Many activists set out to get arrested to demonstrate to the Government their commitment to the cause. This woman had been handcuffed and was being searched prior to being placed in a police van and taken off for 'processing'. The photo shows her dignity, a kind of Joan of Arc for the climate Change cause.

The English have a long history of standing up against injustice and voicing their beliefs. In many cases, their actions have resulted in serious, personal hardship, loss and even death. The Climate-Change ‘tribe’ is very similar to other modern English ‘tribes’ because its members are drawn from all walks of life. It is also a group that seeks to contribute to society something it believes to be a good. Climate-Change Activists hope to change behaviour, policy and ultimately, economics. through non-violent protest and civil disobedience. The main mode of protest has involved Ghandi’s method of passive resistance. Climate-Change Activists use their bodies as means of obstruction. This may be by lying down (collectively called a’ Die-in’); living in trees; chaining themselves to railing and glueing themselves to roads, trains, doors and each other. Their aim is to be arrested for criminal damage so they can draw attention to what they describe as the much greater criminal damage mankind is doing to the environment.

I am English and I have been a documentary photographer for over 40 years. I first became interested in photography while I was doing a Foundation Course at Art College. Initially, I wanted to go on and study painting but found that photography was a quicker way of realising my ideas and also a more effective medium in achieving them. So, I went on to study Photography at the prestigious London College of Printing. I am currently working on two projects - Modern Tribes of England and Survivors.

Website - davidwright.photography/portfolios

Instagram - @davidgilbertwright

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Twitter - @DavidGilbertWr1

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