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Syrian Refuge

David Waage | Lebanon

Bike Beirut

The war in Syria has driven millions of refugees abroad, and more than 1 million have taken shelter in Lebanon.

Lebanon has provided life-saving sanctuary for these refugees, but the Syrians exist in a constant state of risk, many without official documentation or legal ability to work and care for their families. Many have lost homes, livelihoods, and family members in the conflict.

I began meeting these Syrian refugees a few years after the war started. Even as they endured unspeakable loss, they found a place in Beirut, along the sea, where they could relax, unwind, and be free, if only for a few hours. I began to photograph these moments of refuge in their lives.

Mazen, one of these Syrians, expresses it this way: “I find a lot of my countrymen on the corniche of the sea and all the time I find Syrian people there. I enjoy seeing them and I also enjoy seeing the sea a lot, it brings me calm, comfort and hope for a more beautiful day.”

Syrian Refuge is dedicated with gratitude to the people of Lebanon and Syria.



David T. Waage



IG:  david.t.waage

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