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EPIDEMIC: TB in the Global Community

David Rochkind | Various

Rhemat Shek lies on the floor of her mother’s home in Rafik Nagar, a neighborhood next to a garbage dump in northern Mumbai. Her son, Sana Jameer, and mother, Husna Bano, sit behind her. Rhemat and her husband came to Mumbai to be closer to a TB treatment center so she could receive medicine, but they say they may soon return home, interrupting Rhemat's treatment, so her husband can continue to work. She is currently so weak that she is often unable to sit up for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Tuberculosis(TB) is a preventable and treatable lung disease, but there have been almost no new advances in treatment for 85 years and the infrastructure to deal with the problem is not sufficient in much of the developing world; in certain communities the disease has reached epidemic proportions. The WHO estimates that one third of the world’s population is infected with the bacteria that can cause TB and that nearly 1.8 million people die from the disease every year, but TB cannot be defined simply by incidence or mortality rates, as it is a disease that has far reaching economic and social consequences. This project aims to convey the stress, pressure and effect that the disease inflicts on not just those who carry it, but also on the communities in which they live.

These images form the basis for an interactive educational project about TB that can be found at: www.tbepidemic.org

All India Images: David Rochkind/WHO

All South Africa Images: David Rochkind/ International Reporting Project

All Moldova Images: David Rochkind/ Pulitzer Center





Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reprting

International Reporting Project at Johns Hopkins University

Speranta Terrei

David Rochkind




EPIDEMIC: TB in the Global Community


EPIDEMIC: TB in the Global Community is a free online educational program about tuberculosis based on the photography and multimedia reports of David Rochkind, an award winning photographer who has traveled the world to document tuberculosis in the communities that are most affected by the disease. The website functions as a stand alone teaching tool for anyone who wants to learn more about themes of TB, the challenges it presents to individuals and communities, and potential solutions to those challenges. In addition, the site will come with downloadable lesson plans for high school level health and social studies classes. These interactive 3-day units are designed to engage students with the multimedia content on a deep level, allowing for complex understanding of the social consequences of tuberculosis. The website will also contain tools that will allow students to take the experience beyond the classroom, teaching them how they can impact change in their own communities and beyond.

This project is a joint collaboration between photographer David Rochkind and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, and is supported by the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership.

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