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David Barak | California, United States


These photos were made with my iPhone while riding the San Diego Trolley's Green Line, beginning in 2019 and ending in early 2020, just before "covid" became a word.

Aside from the photo of the trolley station these are of people I found interesting or whose body positions were interesting. My first photo in this series was of the man with the green duffle bag - his body positioning seemed straight out of a rennaisance sculpture or painting. It was at that point I really began to pay attention to the people on the trolley. Some are catching up on their rest or at least commuting in a daze, possibly a sign of the frenetic lifestyle we live. (Many photos that didn't make the cut had people resting - I'd say overall a quarter of them were like that.) There's no message, no lesson, just interesting people.

Dave Barak



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