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On the North Side (En el Lado Norte); En el Lado Sur (On the South Side)

David Barak | United States and Mexico

A tumbleweed does what comes naturally as it passes a gate in the border fence between the United States and Mexico at Jacumba Hot Springs, California.

Many people in the United States and Mexico have never been to the border and have had little or no direct experience with it. This series of photos takes a look at the border fence itself and to some small degree how people are coping with it on both sides.

I began this project out of simple curiousity. I'd seen remote parts of the border more than 30 years ago, before I was a photographer, and was curious to see how it had changed. The area I was familiar with went from a few strands of barbed wire to heavy posts of steel and concrete.

It seems as if the wall is doing a better job of tamping down life north of the border rather than serving its intended purpose. Life is lively on the south side of the fence; on the north side it's dreary and barren.

This story is just scratching the surface and I'm currently working other stories related to the border and immigration.

David Barak



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