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Darren Port Photography (B&W Street)

Darren Port | United States

Double Birthday. Florida.

The exhibit displays black and white street photgraphy by Darren Port. Social justice movements are particularly highlighted in my current work. Personal projects include documenting immigration issues, and gender rights in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

Urban dwelling started me down the road to capturing photographs of the moments in between the most apparent. The city streets taught me to anticipate, seek subtleties, decipher gestures, detect drift, motion. Primarily consisting of black and white street photography, my portfolio aims to illuminate the street's subtle moments.

A seven-year project documenting street art (stencils, graffiti) in lower Manhattan (Villages, Soho) was featured in the NY Times Sunday Styles section. This project captured some of the earliest work of Bansky, Philip Farely (OBEY), and ELY, now luminaries of street art.

I'm preparing to launch a long-form environmental justice documentary photography project focused on urban and rural energy burden. Low-income, urban minority, and rural households face higher energy burdens—spending a more significant portion of their income on energy bills—than the average family. High energy burdens are associated with a higher risk for respiratory diseases, stress and financial hardship, and barriers to moving out of poverty. These communities also experience acute systemic inequalities, obstacles, and limited access to public and private resources. The same families are now being hit the hardest by job losses and the health impacts of the COVID.

As a leading professional on energy efficiency policy and zero energy buildings, the energy burden project will merge my personal and professional knowledge, interests, and passions.

After graduating School of Visual Arts (BFA) and Pratt Institute, I spent over a decade creating models, prototypes, and TV commercials for the toy industry (REMCO Toys, Toy Biz); awards (MTV); cosmetic displays and packaging (NARS, DKNY). After making significant contributions to landfills, I left the glamorous big city life of an industrial designer and 3-D illustrator to construct Strawbale houses and provide leadership to state energy offices to conserve energy and reduce emissions.

Darren Port



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