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Nomen omen - Destiny lies in the name

Daniela Bazzani | Transylvania, Romania

Ethnic identification through self-perception • the ability to identify oneself with one’s ethnic group • is quite strong among the Rom.

The problem of the “Rom” or Gypsies has deep cultural roots. A radical lack of alternatives, marginalization, doors to a different future shut tight. The inescapability of this condition is at the core of this project. In the Rom culture, traditional elements and codes — the ethnic identity — are kept alive by inter-generational relations. Ethnic identification through self-perception — the ability to identify oneself with one’s ethnic group — is quite strong among the Rom and the women, with their keen maternal instinct, raise their children to the same destiny, thus perpetuating the vicious cycle.
Returning from a village, speaking to Helena — a 12-year-old child she had just met — my Rumanian interpreter commented: “She says she wants to be a nurse when she grows up, but she will never become one”.
It is difficult to change the order of things. Born a Rom, die a Rom.



Born in 1972, I currently live and work in the Province of Modena.
I took up photography by chance approximately 2 years ago, discovering a passion I did not know I had. My growing interest in photography led me to take an Italian Master’s Degree in photography with Edoardo Agresti. As time passed, the way I live and conceive photography has changed and I have developed a greater affinity for social reporting, for delving in depth into specific topics. This interest has aroused a desire for greater knowledge of this field which led me to take various workshops, including a photoreporting workshop given by Francesco Zizola from the Noor Agency and a workshop on social reporting given by Antonin Kratochvil of the VII Photo Agency.


TPW Award, Savignano sul Rubicone (FC)
1st FotoConfronti Award, Bibbiena (AR)
Work mentioned in the “Crediamo ai tuoi occhi” (We believe your eyes) competition, Bibbiena (AR)
Special mention at the LuccaDigitalPhotoContest, Lucca
Finalist at the PremioFotografico 2009, TAU Visual


Collective exhibit “Tracce” (Traces) at the Centro Italiano della Fotografia d’Autore (Italian Center for Fine Art Photography, Bibbiena (AR), September 26th-November 22nd 2009
Collective exhibit “Rintracciarti, diritti in cerca d’identità” (Tracing you, rights in search of identity) at the Palazzo della Ragione, Mantova, November 21th-December 8th 2009

Daniela Bazzani

Via Monteverdi, 5

41011 Campogalliano (MO)


e-mail: d.bazzani@tin.it

ph.: +39-059-528173

cell.: +39-339-8557466

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