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What Is Donetsk?

Daniel Romashov | Ukraine | Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR)

Devastated Putilovsky viaduct with a group of standing persons (left to right: DPR militia man Serge, model Sofia, housewife Valentina, mortal arts fighter Anton) who appear in different stories of the photo project. As this viaduct used to connect Donetsk with the airport, current condition of the viaduct shows a collective image of devastation and has a symbolic meaning of broken connection with the peaceful life which Donetsk led before the war. The viaduct was blown in January, 2015 in unclear combat circumstances and remains in this condition since then.
June, 2019

The civilian war that parted Donbass region from the Ukraine has lasted seven years now. The conflict has claimed more than ten thousand of lives and continues to claim lives almost on a daily basis. Adult civilians, DPR militia members, the elderly and children are still being killed as a result of artillery shellings, sniper fire and drone bombing committed by the Ukrainian army.

This project is an attempt to capture a cross-section of the society living in an armed conflict zone. I set myself the main goal to find out what remains beyond the typical news from the city of Donetsk – the largest urban agglomeration that was inhabited by more than 2 million people before the war began in 2014.

The project took over 12 weeks of shooting on the locations and almost 7 months of work in total.

More photos are upcoming on my photodocumentary Instagram account.

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