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The Sunshiners; Code Red In Green China

Daniel Hinks | 山东省 Shandong, China


Billions of people have personal connections to the ocean. For coastal populations, the ocean is not only a source of food and livelihood, but also an intrinsic part of their culture and heritage.
For the past two decades China’s fishing industry has boomed becoming the largest fishing fleet in the world however, the price of growth does not come cheap. China’s domestic waters have suffered decades of water pollution, vast urbanization, climate change and rising sea levels.

Coastlines have been reshaped, and fisheries emptied out- the question remains how much longer this can go on and can designated fishing ports and the marine climate change program fix Chinas overfishing and plastic pollution problem.

Bio – I am a documentary photographer, visual artist and trouble maker; I am constantly fascinated by the human condition. I take on stories that I truly believe in something that can peak my interest and curiosity, turning that energy outwards into creating work. Looking at the state of the human existence but concentrating on the resilience of the human spirit.


I have a profound belief that the still image has the ability to change people’s minds. Even in today’s modern forever changing fast paced world of now!now! now! and limited concentration spans. The access that my subjects allow me when working is imperative to the work that I create. I treat my subjects with complete respect and photograph them with dignity and complete diligence in order to help tell the truth and bring their stories to life.


My work is intended to bring about understanding of different cultures, races,religions and bridge the gap between humans rather than extending it.Bringing people closer to create a more thoughtfully educated world.  




email: dthinks@hotmail.com

Wechat: Daniel_T_Hinks101


phone: +8619563327572

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