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Heroic battle

Dafna Yosha | Israel

My best friend, my greatest love, my north, married for 18 years, collecting experiences, growing up and changing, raising 5 children. He asked me where I wanted us to build our home; “the place doesn’t matter as long as your warm and big heart is with me”. Ironically, the aggressive cancer struck him at the place most dear to me, the cavity of his chest. 

I wanted to hold and hide behind my camera during all those moments as if she could transfer me the strength to cope; in the examination rooms, X-rays, endless waiting, chemotherapy, long hours of meandering just walking restlessly couldn’t find any refuge anywhere.

Very few pictures were taken during the illness. My camera accompanied me and at most parts was not taken out, and if she did I was only the photographer not really connected to what I was observing. When I needed protection and support I held it in my hands even if not photograph. At times I felt it was taking photographs by itself, for me.

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